VA Q&A with Andrew Paul: Andrew's Message to Veterans


Andrew Paul is a Loan Officer and Branch Manager at Benchmark Mortgage. He is a US Navy Veteran and Specializes in VA Loans.

In this short video, Andrew will share the top reasons why you should work with him and his team.

Andrew specializes in VA Loans. There are a lot of places that you can go to that are licensed to do VA Loans, but do not specialize in them. Andrew has helped hundreds of families buy a home using their VA loan. Using a VA Loan can be like walking through a mine field. If you don’t know where to step, it will not work out for you. The VA Loan has so many intricacies to it. For someone who does normal loans, they don’t know all the tiny things that can mess up on a VA loan- that’s why you need to work with a VA expert.

Andrew is a Veteran. He knows what it’s like to be buying a house while you are on active duty, and knows the challenges of buying a home as a veteran. He has even used his own VA loan.

He is passionate about serving his fellow veterans. After getting off active duty, he found his purpose and passion in helping other Veterans use their VA Home Loan Benefit. He knows that when a veteran or someone is on active duty comes to him, they will get a great deal.


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