VA Q&A with Andrew Paul: VA Loans & Termite Clearance


What’s required? What does the VA Manual Say?

The VA does not specifically address termite reports or pest addendums. Instead, the VA defers to what is regionally required. Let’s say we are talking about Southern California or San Diego specifically. Termites are found here. Pretty much everyone has termites in their house. In other parts of the country where termites typically aren’t found, the VA would not require termite clearance.


Is Section 1, Section 2, or both required?

To understand what is required, you must understand what goes on section 1 and section 2.

Section 1:

– Active infestations

– Clearance for Section 1 is always required.

Section 2

– Not always required

– Required when there is some kind of issue that may lead to bugs.

For example: Let’s say your roof has a leak in it. The water intrusion could cause fungus or dry rot, and termites would love to live in there. Is it an active infestation? No. But it has to be put on Section 2.

Other examples would be having other bugs in the house, or things that might not be a problem now, but may become one later.

In summary, clearance for Section 1 is always required, Section 2 is sometimes required.


Ref: §1990. Report Requirements Under Section 8516(b) 1-9, Inclusive.
(f) The following language shall appear just prior to the first finding/recommendation on each separated report: “This is a separated report which is defined as Section I/Section II conditions evident on the date of the inspection. Section I contains items where there is visible evidence of active infestation, infection or conditions that have resulted in or from infestation of infection. Section II items are conditions deemed likely to lead to infestation or infection but where no visible evidence of such was found. Further inspection items are defined as recommendations to inspect area(s) which during the original inspection did not allow the inspector access to complete the inspection and cannot be defined as Section I or Section II.”

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