Benchmark Core Values


core-values-relationshipRelationships are the backbone of our Company. Every person we choose to align with, on both the Corporate and Branch levels, is strategically selected. The legs of ‘Relationships’ are honesty, loyalty, empathy, and commitment.

“No one care s how much you know until they know how much you care.” John Maxwell

At Benchmark, we place our relationships above all other things – relationships come first, all other things are secondary. We base our business on preserving and strengthening all current and future relationships. We believe the relationships we choose are our next level, up or down. Benchmark chooses to align with those that will take us up.

“It is more important who is on the bus than where the bus is going.” Jim Collins

Positive Attitude

core-values-positive-attitudeBenchmark has made a decisive commitment to conduct ourselves with a positive attitude in all areas of our lives. We say it like this: When you hit the door to our office, walk in with a great attitude. A bad attitude will get you ejected from our Company and a great attitude will uplift all around you. The legs of ‘Positive Attitude’ are belief, passion, confidence, K.I.S .S. (Keep It Super Simple) and enthusiasm. We prescribe to the philosophy that attitude is everything and it either attracts or repels.

“Your attitude determines your altitude.” Anonymous


core-values-dynamicDynamic is the ‘twin engines’ of Benchmark – being creative and innovative. It is our edge and is what sets us away from the pack. The legs of ‘Dynamic’ are innovative, creative, adaptability, marketability and daring.

“It is how we WOW!” Stewart Hunter


core-values-successWe strive to be successful with every relationship, goal and endeavor we experience. Success is our gauge that ensures we are headed in the right direction. The legs to ‘Success’ are profitable, teamwork, targeted goals, planning and alignment.

“Success is not a destination, it is a journey.” John Maxwell


core-values-excellenceExcellence for us is not ‘doing things well’, it is ‘doing things GREAT’. For Benchmark, excellence is a way of thinking and doing. The legs of ‘ Excellence’ are growth, strategic, knowledgeable, effective, dedication and efficient.


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